Сынақ рұқсаты

Test access to the electronic publishing group. “GEOTAR-Media” presents a full range of solutions for all levels of medical and pharmaceutical education https://www.geotar.ru/

Test access to the electronic medical library “Doctor’s Consultant” https://www.rosmedlib.ru/

Test access to the multidisciplinary educational resource “Student Consultant” (www.studentlibrary.ru) which is an electronic library system (ELS)

Test access to a smart learning tool for mastering concepts in medicine https://www.lecturio.com/

Test access to a national subscription to Wiley resources in Kazakhstan in 2024. Information portal for employees and students of organizations participating in the project. https://www.wileyresearcheracademy.com/p/kazakhstan

From November 2022 Test access to the electronic library system (ELS) is open Business media Polpred.com Media review

These are databases whose materials are provided free of charge for a limited period. Most often, access is granted to a limited collection. The list of test access databases changes regularly, so keep an eye on the main page of the site for the latest information.

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